Lighting Installations

We design and fit a range of permanent installations including lighting rigs, public address and sound systems, AV projectors and video conferencing, staging, and rigging.

With clients ranging from nightclubs and schools to TV studios and business conference venues our team have built comprehensive technical system installations experience for a variety of requirements. We employ a specialist and fully qualified installations team with extensive experience who offer consultation, design and commissioning services.


Our range of technical equipment and systems installations includes:

  • Lighting and rigging installation
  • Sound and public address systems
  • Flying and rigging systems fitted
  • Hard of hearing and loop installs
  • Drapes, truss and rigging fitted
  • Computer networking set ups
  • Art Net upgrades
  • New build and upgrade services
  • Training and certification on all new installations


Malvern Way School in Rickmansworth

Limelite was asked by the PTA of Malvern Way School in Rickmansworth to carry out a full lighting installation. The school requested a new lighting rig that could be totally adaptable, simple yet fall inside there allowable budget. We decide to install a lighting rig that would consist of both generic and LED lanterns, Multi pars for main stage wash and LED pars/floods for colour and effects. We opted for the new Jands Stage lighting desk which offers simple control and playback. The lighting rig was hung on 6m IWB which where fed from a custom wall mounted dimmer / distribution rack.


Cleeve Park School

Cleeve Park School in Sidcup is a typical example of a large secondary school with a great school hall and stage, full of possibilities yet lacking technical infrastructure. Limelite started this install by removing everything on stage from the proscenium arch to the back wall. We then installed a new grid, lighting bars, drape hangers and tab tracks. We also installed 6 new IWBs fed from a 24 way dimmer and a generic lighting rig consisting of ETC profiles, Selecon Fresnels and Pro Pars. This is a great example of what can be achieved even with the smallest of budgets.


Lamberhurst St Mary's

Limelite Lighting was asked by the head teacher, Mrs Caroline Bromley at Lamberhusrt St Mary's Schools to replace their temporary lighting system with something simple but more permanent. This install proves that you can have a good lighting system on a small budget, we installed 12 x short nose par 64, 3 x custom 4 way IWB, fed from a 12 way Anytronics install dimmer. Overall control is via a DMX Anytonics Aurora Lighting desk. The install was completed over two days.


White Hill School in Hitchin

Limelite Lighting was asked by Steve the Headmaster at White Hill School in Hitchin to remove their existing lighting system and replace it with a new digital system. He was keen that the system would be low energy, flexible with a control system that would be simple enough for both teachers and pupils to operate.
We designed a system that included 4 x 6m IWB all fitted with dimmable / hard power circuits and DMX outlets. 12 way Anytronics install dimmer and 12 ways of hard power. The rig consisted of 12 x generic lamps (ETC S4 Profiles, Selecon Fresnels , 12 x Chauvet led tour Tri colour pars and 2 Chauvet moving heads All controlled from a Jands ML24 lighting desk.


Yately School

Yately School is heavily involved in the performing arts and already has a fully equipped drama studio. However due to demand they now want to perform shows in the school hall, so Limelite Lighting was asked to install a new lighting and video projection system.
Limelite designed a system that would utilise the schools current lighting equipment including lanterns, dimmers and control. We installed an infrastructure consisting of 4 x 8m IWB lighting bars which we fitted with 6 x dimmer circuits and 6 x hard power circuits. Each bar has 6 x DMX outputs fed via a patch panel and DMX buffers. We designed and commissioned a custom hard power distro that fed all elements of the installation.


Baking Mad TV Studio

Limelite have just completed the installation for the Baking Mad TV studio. We installed a 3 new IWB fitted with hard outputs, each bar was fitted with Kino Diva-Lite 401 fitting with tungsten tubes offering a soft lighting solution.


Norton Knachbull School

As summer approached Limelite was asked to tender for the installation of a new lighting system in the drama studio and an upgrade to the current system in the main hall. Limelite won the contract and was chosen to undertake the installation, we were the only company to offer a lighting system that bo th utilized conventional and LED technology all hanging on multi purpose IWB (internally wired bar) system. We also installed a full DMX patch system for both performance areas and new lanterns and control.



St Katharine’s Primary School

Limelite was asked to design and install a lighting system that was suitable for a Primary School budget but without compromising on quality. We offered a system that was ideal for a school, all the lighting fixture are fixed to an IWB(internally wired bar) on the hall wall, this avoids the need for any lighting stands or equipment on the floor. We provide a mixture of generic lamps, ETC S4 profiles and Selecon fresnel’s all operated off a 2 preset DMX lighting desk.


Bishop Challoner Catholic School

Limelite Lighting was employed by Bishop Challoner Catholic School to install a new lighting and sound system in their drama studio. The complex system was design so it could be used in a multi functional setup, both lighting and sound are capable of being used as one whole system or as two separate systems depending on the room set up and show requirements.

AV Equipment


Saturday Kitchen moves premises

Limelite Lighting was commissioned to undertake the refurbishment and installation of the dimmers, mains and data distribution  for the popular TV show Saturday Kitchen which has recently moved to its new premises in Clapham.

Saturday Kitchen


Tunbridge Wells Grammar School

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for GirlsWe were approached by Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School to refurbish the Main Hall. This included installing a completely new lighting system, the replacement of all the existing drapes and associated tabs tracks border bars and theatrical legs. Limelite installed 9 internally wired bars offering 48 ways of DMX dimming, we supplied new lighting fixtures including Selecon Fresnels and ETC S4 Zooms, control is via a Zero 88 Jester ML.

Lighting System


Ned Hotel, London

Limelite was approached two weeks ago to undertake the installation of a motorised lighting system in the main reception / bar of the new Ned hotel in the city of London. The Ned hotel is a 5 star hotel with 6 restaurants, 4 members bar and spa all built inside an old London bank. The hotel opened to the public on April 21st 2017. Limelite undertook all the electrical and data distribution designs, including custom mains distribution, 15m iwb lighting bars / truss all finished with custom paintwork. We installed an 8 way kinesics direct control motor system, with 1/2 motors and load cell technology. Lighting wise we installed the new Chauvet Maverick spot 2 and Mavericks 2 washes all controlled off a zero 88 Jester ML controller with an anytronics any scene inline for day to day playback. From commission to completion limelite finished the installation within 14 days all ready for opening night.


Rise Offices, London

Limelite lighting was asked to undertake the lighting for a new conference and events room at the Rise offices in London. We installed an LED lighting system using the Ovation FC Profiles and Ovation FC wash. Control is via a wireless system operated on the in house iPad, using the luminair control software. Overriding local control can be done using the Anytronics Anyscene.


Why Choose Limelite Lighting?

Stage Rigging Design

Our team can design entire new build installations or expand current ones; we take the time to fully consult on your requirements and weigh up a range of design options with you to find the perfect balance of capability, budget and practicality.

Close communication and liaison with our clients ensures design and fitting of an installation that perfectly meets their needs and every safety requirement.

We can also provide full training for permanent staff and crew on how to use everything from a basic lantern to complex memory control desks.

AV InstallationsWhatever your needs for all kinds of technical systems installations in film studios, theatres, conference halls, universities, schools, offices and exhibition centres, speak to the experts at Limelite Lighting

Expert technical equipment installations for entertainment venues

Based just outside London in Kent, we work throughout the south east region regularly installing to theatres, studios, offices and schools in Maidstone, Canterbury, Bromley, Chatham, Dartford, Gravesend, Guildford, Leatherhead, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Margate, Ramsgate, Chichester, Crawley, Borehamwood (Elstree), Slough (Pinewood), Chartwell, Epping, Shepperton, 3 Mills, Camberwell, Camden and Ealing.

Accredited Electrical Engineers

NICEIC Approved Electrical InstallationsWe work to all current legislation regarding electrical installations and all our work is checked and signed off by NICEIC accredited electrical engineers.